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Belle’s Peach and Blueberry Cobbler

In Desserts, Recipes On September 7, 2013 0 Comments

My husband is a country veterinarian who is constantly covered in bumps and bruises that he can’t explain.  He is used to being stepped on my massive bulls… Read More »

Belle's Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread

Belle’s Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread

In Breads, Desserts, Recipes On August 13, 2013 4 Comments

When I say strawberries and cream cheese, you probably think strawberry cheesecake, but my rich and moist strawberry bread is so sweet and delicious, you may change the… Read More »

Belle's Chocolate Cookie Balls

Belle’s Chocolate Covered Cookie Balls

In Desserts, Recipes On July 11, 2013 0 Comments

I love chocolate and there is nothing better than chocolate covered chocolate.  One of my favorite treats to fix for family and friends are my chocolate covered cookie… Read More »

Belle's Fluffy Salad2

Belle’s Fluffy Salad

In Desserts, Recipes, Soups and Salads On April 28, 2013 0 Comments

Food and traditions go hand in hand.  We often associate holidays and other special events specifically to a certain meal or dish.  Birthday means cake.  Thanksgiving means turkey. … Read More »

Belle's Lemon Sponge Cake

Belle’s Lemon Sponge Cake

In Desserts, Recipes On April 13, 2013 7 Comments

Dessert is something I feel should be the crowning glory of the day.  A treat is what you need after a long and stressful day of work or… Read More »

Belle's Dreamy Dessert

Belle’s Dreamy Cheesecake Dessert

In Desserts, Recipes On March 30, 2013 1 Comment

As someone who loves to cook, there is nothing better when someone loves a dish you made for them.  There is a young man who lives close to… Read More »

Belle's Crazy Spice Cake

Belle’s Crazy Spice Cake

In Desserts, Recipes On March 2, 2013 5 Comments

There is something about the spicy sweetness of ginger.  I love using it in all types of recipes whether it is fresh and grated into stir-fries or dried… Read More »


Belle’s Monkey Bread

In Desserts, Recipes On February 16, 2013 0 Comments

A sweet treat that requires plenty of napkins! Tales of the Dinner Belle By Brenda Stanley I often talk about what a sweet tooth my husband is. If… Read More »