Belle's green bean rice (1)

Belle’s Creamy Risotto with Green Beans and Peas

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A creamy and savory side dish that is so simple to make Tales of the Dinner Belle By Brenda Stanley When I go out to eat, I often… Read More »

Belle's Orange Pecan Salad

Belle’s Orange and Pecan Salad

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It seems that salads and warm weather just go together, however, I love salad all year round and enjoy trying different vegetables and fruits mixed in with the… Read More »

Belle's Chocolate Dream Dessert

Belle’s Chocolate Dream Dessert

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I met someone the other day that didn’t like chocolate.  For a moment I looked at them sideways.  I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate.  I can understand maybe… Read More »

Belle's Lasagne Rolls

Belle’s Lasagna Rolls

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Lasagna rolls look complex, but are simple to make and serve Tales of the Dinner Belle By Brenda Stanley I can’t ever seem to get enough pasta.  I… Read More »

Belle's Acorn Squash Enchiladas

Belle’s Acorn Squash Enchiladas

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Squash takes the spotlight in this tasty Mexican favorite Tales of the Dinner Belle By Brenda Stanley The wonderful buttery taste of acorn squash is a favorite at… Read More »

Belles Fried Rice

Belle’s Chinese Fried Rice

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Using leftovers to create and delicious Chinese favorite Tales of the Dinner Belle By Brenda Stanley When it comes to making rice, I am notorious for going overboard. … Read More »


Belle’s Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bites

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A sweet treat to help with your New Year’s Resolutions I realize that you are probably starting your New Year’s resolutions and it is highly likely you have… Read More »


Belle’s Sunshine Muffins

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With an electric mixer, beat together the dry cake mix, eggs, and bananas.  Stir in the pineapple and pecans.  Spray muffin tins with cooking spray.  Fill each tin… Read More »