A unique and delicious way to get your serving of vegetables

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Salty, crisp, and green.  Okay, so the green part probably has you wondering what this could be and whether or not you’re willing to try it.  I’m not… Read More »


Belle’s Peach and Blueberry Cobbler

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Grease a 9 by 13 inch pan.  Dump half the dry cake mix and spread evenly in the pan.  Spread the pie filling over the top.  Drain the… Read More »


A sweet and fruity cobbler that tastes like a crisp autumn day

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My husband is a country veterinarian who is constantly covered in bumps and bruises that he can’t explain.  He is used to being stepped on my massive bulls… Read More »


Belle’s Egg Tostadas

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Place tortillas on hot skillet and cook until it starts to puff up.  Flip the tortilla and cook until browned and puffy.  Place in the center of a… Read More »


A tasty and unique dish that will make scrambled eggs special

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I’m known to many of my friends and family as “The Chicken Lady”.  I raise chickens- not for meat, but for eggs.  There is nothing better than a… Read More »


Belle’s Creamy Mushroom Steak

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Mix together the flour, salt and pepper.  Coat the steaks in the flour mixture and shake off excess.  Brown the steaks on both sides in hot oil.  Place… Read More »


A creamy mushroom sauce and tender steak combine to make the perfect dish to welcome fall.

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This time of year is hectic around my house.  The anguish over what to wear.  The anticipation of that first day.  What will this year be like?  Will… Read More »


Belle’s Baked Fried Potatoes

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Cut thin slices the entire length of the potatoes, but not the entire way through.  Leave about a ½ inch at the bottom.  Place the potatoes on a… Read More »